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What We Offer

G2G Adventures specialises in Kilimanjaro summits, Mount Meru climbs as well as safaris, day trips and everything in-between. We have set tours but can tailor-make any experience to suit your requirements. Our personalised service surpasses our clients’ expectations.

Kilimanjaro Summits

Kilimanjaro is a large stratovolcano composed of three distinct volcanic cones: Kibo, the highest; Mawenzi at 5,149 metres (16,893 ft); and Shira, the lowest at 4,005 metres (13,140 ft). Mawenzi and Shira are extinct, while Kibo is dormant and could erupt again.

Luxury Honeymoons

Truly spectacular and unique experiences that offer the utmost in luxury. By day, you will be thrilled by unrivalled wildlife encounters and by night, exceptional lodges and tented camps of the highest standard will spoil you.

Mount Meru

Mount Meru is a dormant stratovolcano located 70 kilometres (43 mi) west of Mount Kilimanjaro in the country of Tanzania. At a height of 4,562.13 metres, Mount Meru is the fifth highest mountain in Africa and is less congested compared to it's counterparts.


G2G Adventures provides breath taking Tanzanian family safaris. Our family safaris fall into the true spirit of Safari taking you to remote private wilderness areas and offering intimate glimpses of the spectacular wildlife of East Africa.

Holiday Packages

Experience our unforgettable holiday packages that take you to one of Tanzania’s most dramatically located wildlife areas. Our travel itenerary is designed to make sure you experience and witness the amazing spectacle of African wildlife.

Small Groups

A small group adventure that will change your life - visit Tanzania and discover amazing landscapes, fascinating wildlife and meet local Masaai people. We create itineraries based on what our clients really want to see.

Safari Tours

Explore exciting safari tours

Get to know the heart and soul of Tanzania whilst taking in one of the finest safari destinations in Africa.
Enjoy our camping safaris which are a unique blend of vintage charm and luxury wilderness conditions.